Same Sex Bathroom Legislation – Guests: Tim LeFever and Jonathan Saenz

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Did you ever imagine boys in the girls’ locker room or men in the women’s bathroom? Because of legislation popping up all over the country, this is now legal in many cities and schools. Tim LeFever and Jonathan Saenz join Dr. Dobson to talk about the battle to block the “Bathroom Bills” that are changing our cultural landscape.

Guest(s) Bio:

Jonathan M. Saenz, Esq., is the president of Texas Values, a nonprofit group dedicated to preserving and advancing a culture of family values in the state of Texas. He is also the former director of legislative affairs and attorney for Liberty Institute. He is a featured speaker on many local, national and international media outlets such as Fox News, CNN, and Dallas Morning News. He and his family live in Buda, TX and are members of Santa Cruz Catholic Church.

Tim LeFever, Esq., real estate broker and founder/co-owner of Property Management Company, is an active board member for several civil liberties organizations. He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and the University of California Hastings College of Law. He currently serves as chairman of the board for Capitol Resource Institute, the Laurel Wreath Foundation and YFC Sacramento.


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