Equal Access Makes Some More Equal Than Others

Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ

In his 1946 dystopian novel Animal Farm, George Orwell made the assertion that “all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” A similar sentiment might be applied today to the battle for who will have access to which bathroom, locker room and shower.

Privacy for AllAdvocates of access based on gender identity as opposed to biological reality have long argued that equality demands a change in access rules and that to deny their progressive access policies constitutes discrimination. But is this correct?

Open access advocates believe that a boy that feels like a girl should be able to access the girls’ bathroom. But, that same boy also has access, as a boy, to the boys’ bathroom. Is the policy then that all individuals can access whatever bathroom they wish? Of course not. A boy that enters the girls locker room at school just to take look will still be escorted to the principal’s office. And a man that enters the women’s restroom at the bus station will likely be arrested.

Apparently only those that believe biology has betrayed them are “more equal than others” and can access whatever bathroom, shower or locker room they wish.

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