California group seeks to allow voters last word on public bathroom bills

Christian Examiner – April 22, 2015
Vanessa Garcia Rodriguez

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Christian Examiner) — A California political action organization filed a measure with the state’s attorney general April 17 to give voters the power to decide about privacy in public restrooms, allowing use of sex separated facilities based on the actual biological sex of the person and not a “feeling” about gender identity.

The Personal Privacy Protection Act was submitted by an organization called Privacy for All and could appear on the state’s 2016 ballot if the group obtains the required 365,880 signatures, according to the right to privacy group’s press release.

“We have great compassion for any person that is uncomfortable in traditional, sex separated facilities, but we also want to protect the privacy that most of us expect when we are in public bathrooms, showers and dressing areas” said Gina Gleason, a proponent of the initiative who signed the letter to Caifornia Attorney General Kamal Harris requesting the measure be given a title and summary as provided by law.

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