‘Bathroom bill’ petition drive enters final stretch

One News Now
December 10, 2015

Pro-family activists are urging California churches to help them fight the state’s “bathroom law” at the polls.

An ongoing petition drive will culminate with “Signature Sunday” at participating churches, just a day before a Monday deadline to turn in legal signatures.

A 2013 bill was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, allowing students to use the public restroom of their choice if they claim to be transgender.

California is following the left-wing trend of allowing boys into girls’ restrooms and locker rooms in public schools and in public facilities, says Karen England (pictured below) of the Capitol Resource Institute, a public policy organization.

“And in California we are doing our best to stop that,” she says, “and taking it to the people and letting them decide. And we’re confident they’ll say no.”

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